Coffee in Liverpool

After witnessing a hectic social scene during our first hours in Liverpool, it was surprising to find the city was exceptionally quiet on the morning of Saturday 29th June. We walked just shy of half and hour through the streets without bumping into many people at all. Our intentions were set strongly on breakfast, specifically in a place called ‘Moose’ that our friend and host kindly recommended. She led us through the quiet sunlight and we remarked at how lovely a day it was going to turn out to be. We spoke spiritedly about everything that needed to be done during our brief time in the city.

At the door of ‘Moose’ we were told there was a half an hour wait. It was already proving to be a popular place. The staff were very friendly despite the rush and let us have drinks outside while we waited. Anyone who knows me will already imagine my appreciation for my usual, black coffee (no sugar, because why anyone would want to ruin the taste of coffee with sugar I haven’t figured out yet). Naturally, for a city that parties more than it sleeps, the menu was the perfect American style hangover food – though, yes, I wouldn’t vouch that is exactly what they might have been going for.

Inside the industrial setting is rammed with people. We are seated on a balcony over looking everyone. There’s a happy chatter resonating up and down the walls. Later we would come to the docks where crowds were gathered to enjoy the view, live music, stands and sunbathe. Moose was the perfect predecessor: a place that filled you with warmth and happiness. Brought you back to life. I remember thinking that there’s not many better moments than good brunch with good friends.

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