The July 2019 Chapter

Here’s a pattern I’ve noticed: you make a wish, work towards it step by step but never feel like you’re getting anywhere, then suddenly it’s done, you enjoy the moment. And repeat.

Life seems to be one long process of creation. A constant journey through that pattern to improve oneself. Although it passes us in a flash the ‘work towards it step by step but never feel like you’re getting anywhere’ stage seems to last an eternity. What’s important I’ve found, is to remind myself to walk the journey, instead of focussing on what I don’t yet have. Even the tiniest of movements counts towards the overall map. A value I am having to reassert in myself as of late is patience.

A close friend and I were discussing her birthday and I recalled writing last year that I’d felt twenty-one forever. That’s still true and the only explanation I have is it was because I had a lot to learn. “Twenty-two,” I said to her, “was supposed to be my year of redemption. But I think it’s turned out to be the year where I go off the rails.”

I said it with all the humour that makes my friends roll their eyes at me. But as I’ve always believed, underlying every joke is an element of truth. Something under my skin tells me I need to make a change soon. Throughout July I have been working on it. From the day I started this blog I have always expressed my love and intention towards writing. It feels right to bring it into the spotlight now. To start making big strides so I can positively say what I am doing is good.

All of the photos through this blog post are extras from the shoots I’ve been doing this month. July wasn’t as much busy in practice as it was in thought. Although I don’t appear to have been up to much, I wanted to write down how July felt. Sometimes it’s the only way to clarify things. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer – I have a week off work this month and I’m completely at loss with what to do with the time! Hopefully I’ll be seeing more of this blog. As always, I’ve missed being apart, but life is calling again.

2 thoughts on “The July 2019 Chapter

  1. i like the last two photos as they are creative.
    i also like the 3rd and 4th photos.
    i feel many people as they age, have a view of themselves at a certain age and that age may shift a bit as they become older.

    Liked by 1 person

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