Three Years of Blogging.

When the leaves changed colour and fell, I didn’t think of it. As the air became chillier I only thought for my pile of jumpers, that remained tucked away for so long. A sudden desire to stay indoors didn’t even open my eyes. So belatedly, it dawned on me yesterday that I was facing October 1st. That means Autumn has swooned in, quite under my nose, and I have been blogging for three years now. Am I supposed to offer some blogging wisdom after this long? It feels ridiculous of me to do so, when I barely have a technique to blogging anymore. Perhaps all I can tell you is that it’s better when you do it for fun. Usually I would celebrate by participating in Blogtober. This year I have not given it a second thought to be honest! I wondered last night about drawing up a plan. Then as I thought into it more, I asked myself what I wanted from my blog at this point, seeing as it’s becoming increasingly difficult to balance blogging with all the other writing I seem to accumulate these days (of course I shouldn’t complain at having so much to write about, it is my favourite thing). I realised I wanted to put more love into my blog, particularly the design. So, for this Blogtober, that is what I will focus on. Each day I’ll make an improvement to this site somehow. Maybe some days it won’t necessarily be noticeable that I am here. But I will be. Working as I have tried to do for the past three years, just to make myself smile, and maybe someone else in the passing. If you are one of those people, then thank you for still being here with me. I love you to the very depths of my soul.

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