Why we create?

On Wednesday 20th November I had the loveliest of evenings. A few of my friends and I gathered to watch the first episode of the new Rick and Morty series. We all agreed it was INCREDIBLE. After looking forward to its release for a long time, it certainly hasn’t disappointed at all.

For those of you who also indulge in bit of Rick and Morty, you will know there’s a running theme of ‘nothing matters’. Which is why I have often wondered why we bother to create at all? Truthfully the only answer anyone can give will come down to perception. Although some people would lead to the conclusion that nothing matters, so I will do nothing; Rick’s idea is that ultimately nothing matters, so you should do everything.

Amongst the excitement of my friends and I gathering to enjoy the new episode, I sat and thought about how the simple act of creation had brought us together. Everyone coming together to enjoy something. In spaces where gossip or jealousy or insult threaten to exist, there instead lies a moment of peace. When we create we learn that we are not alone in the universe.

There are times when words fall on deaf ears, art falls on blind eyes and places are placed just out of reach. Yet we continue to have this urge to make something. Though most people agree if only one person enjoys what you create is worth it. Quite often that person is yourself.

It’s free – not just in the sense of your wallet, but in the way it makes you feel. And sometimes it feels like destruction. The lines blur slightly, where we tear apart one creation to make a way for new.

With the current state of the UK, I have seen so many people standing up to have their say. No matter what your belief, I think it’s wonderful. Everywhere there are all kinds of people using art to express their grief. For example, recently I posted a review on The Institute by Stephen King, commemorating its timeliness. It’s common knowledge that books often thrive on current affairs. Another example is the increase in books about climate change, which is attributed to Greta Thunberg. I don’t think I could ever not believe that cultures are best learnt about through the art they create.

Whenever you read a book, a new door is opened in your mind.

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