Romance is a Bonus Book | Review

Hey everyone! It feels like it’s been a while since I divulged a Netflix find with you all. There was a time when Netflix was a part of my daily routine, and it felt like I could never run out of content in that respect. But honestly there are not many programmes that can keep my attention anymore. As many of you know I would much rather read or spend the time by writing or taking photos. I think that’s why the title ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’ grabbed my attention though. Because it sounded exactly like a world I would want to step into, and turns out it didn’t disappoint at all.

A summary of ‘Romance is a Bonus Book’: Kang DanYi finally secures a job in Gyroo publishing house, although it comes at the cost of deceiving her best friend and the co-founder of the company, Cha Eun Ho. There she meets an eclectic bunch of workaholics and book lovers, all so focused on their careers that life outside of work has become a distant memory. DanYi slowly learns that everyone has their secrets, including Eun Ho.

I absolutely loved the characters in this series. They are all loveable in different ways and the interactions they have between each other can be hilarious. There’s a lot of dramatic irony throughout the plot which helps the main mystery build gradually, but enough is kept hidden from the viewer to leave you guessing what might happen. From someone who works in publishing, I thought they nailed the setting and feel for the environment, which amplified how much I enjoyed stepping into that world. Though I don’t think it would be any less entertaining if you hadn’t experienced working in an office at all. Overall there’s a family feel which is easy to become submerged into.

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