Coffee in Kenilworth

To write about Kenilworth now, I will have to stretch my mind back to a month ago. It was a Sunday when I visited. Surprisingly bright, although it was cold and it had rained for three days straight prior. The road surrounding the castle had flooded. A group of people had gathered on the bridge to cheer the cars that dared venture through the water. My friend and I joined them for a little while and it was fun. One of those simple pleasures.

I remember feeling that there was a sense of community there much similar to my hometown. Everywhere was calm and people smiled at each other as they passed. Almost as though you have stepped into a place of familiarity and comfort without meaning to. I imagined what it might be like to live there. I think it would be effortless. Something for a later, quieter time of life.

My friend had visited the castle there frequently and suggested it to me because of it’s photographic nature. We travelled there together, bought coffee, and lost hours to autumn’s afternoon. If I had thought to make this post at the time, I could probably talk more coherently about Kenilworth, and it’s wonderful nature. But the truth is, I only just decided to make this post now. It seemed a waste to let these photos fall to my computer memory. And I like looking for the sun in cold winters.

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