A new life for Christmas.

One month ago I dropped my notice on my boss’ desk and called my friend to accept her offer of a flat share in London. I jokingly said ‘I’m giving myself a new life for Christmas’. It was an opportunity that ultimately never felt wrong, but it’s also apparent to me that I have no idea what I’m doing next. The future is a mystery and 2019 has been my year of learning to love it that way.

This time last year I was eagerly anticipating the new year and the new opportunities it would bring. The change in date alone was enough to ease some of the tension I had pent up. Though the memory of that feeling did not leave me, so throughout this year I have said yes to every challenge I could. A day spent not embracing life has been very rare (I would guess no more than five).

Now all my things are in boxes or waiting for me in a flat in London. Comforting things for a blank space. I feel as though I’m holding a pen and it’s time to write a killing of a story. Who am I going to be and what is the next scene going to look like? It increasingly feels like it might all be down to what I write.

Two of my favourite quotes at the moment are Listen: there’s a hell of a universe next door, let’s go (E. E. Cummings) and Not all those who wander are lost (J. R. Tolkein).

With those in mind I’m happy to once again embrace the changes on the horizon. I hope with all my heart everyone around me – including you beautiful readers – is going to start the decade feeling as fabulous as I do. Peace and love to this wonderful world.

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