Some life to live | Fiction

The following is the ending to a fictional story yet to be written. Any similarities to reality is coincidental.

Over the brow of the horizon the sun was disappearing, sending piercing rays towards the two men. Jake felt the fabric of his tie, straightening it while his eyes were blinded. Beside him, Charlie turned his back on the sun and laid atop the grass hill. Once he was positioned, Jake joined him. Laid with their feet in opposite directions, but heads together.

The heat was amplified under their suit layers. They laid like dozing dogs on ranch porches. For a while, time could continue without them, because nothing wouldn’t matter until they walked back down the hill and met life again. So in the unrolling night they shared this silent understanding.

“There’s no plan from here,” Charlie spoke although he wasn’t necessarily looking for an answer. His voice was disappearing in his hoarse throat.

“That’s OK. Things are a bit strange,” it seemed obvious but it was all Jake had to offer. Next to him, he thought he might hear the cogs turning in his friends jumbled conscience.

“I think it’s our age, ” Charlie continued, “only a few years ago we thought we had grown up because we finally knew the difference between right and wrong. But now we’ve done all those things we thought were wrong.”

“You mean the fighting and the drugs?”

“Everything. The drinking, the cheating, sleeping around. Not keeping in touch with our old friends. All the things we never thought we’d do because we knew what right was.”

“Do you feel bad?”

“No,” both men were stunned briefly by Charlie’s lack of hesitation, “but that’s the confusing part. Even though I know they’re wrong, I’ve realised I don’t feel bad about them.”

“I was going to say, actually I don’t give a shit about the right things you’re on about. I’m happy being selfish and having fun. We’re free now. And I’d like to keep it this way for a little longer at least.”

“But that’s why I’m confused too. I thought I’d feel one way about all this, and now I feel another.”

“Maybe that’s what it feels like to be grown up…” Jake stood and brushed his hands down his suit, smoothing it out. He was made of more shadows now than sunlight. Before him the route was hidden by the night. Taking a deep breath, he prepared to plummet into the abyss, “…but then what do I know, I’ve still got some life to live.”

Charlie joined him in the same fashion. Side by side, they walked down the hill.

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