R.I.P My Canon EOS M10.

On Saturday morning I was sad to discover my camera would no longer turn on. I think it’s due to water damage, which occurred just before Christmas. The chances of it working since have been rocky.

It’s the first camera I bought for myself and the first camera I had for more “professional” uses. I invested in it about three years ago when I first began blogging. Although I’ve heard Canon’s have a tendency to break easily, for three years this camera has been jostling about in my bag, faithfully waiting for its time in the sun. It’s safe to say I’ve learned a lot about photography with this guy in my hands.

As a first camera it’s been fabulous. Easy to carry around, easy to use. And the modes are very diverse. I’ve been very happy with the progress of my pictures over the time I’ve been learning.

I like to joke with my photographer friends that my style is very ‘point and click’. While I love the artistic side of creating a beautiful photograph, admittedly I don’t know so much about the technicalities of cameras. However I did want to pay homage slightly to the EOS M10 and recommend it as a first camera, definitely. I imagine I will be perusing the camera shops soon; this time with the intention of buying rather than just looking. I’m a little apprehensive because of my lack of technical knowledge, but excited to try something new. If anyone would like to recommend any cameras to me I would really appreciate it! Or if you know of any going second hand too that would be really helpful.

Hope everyone has a lovely week ahead ^_^

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