C. J. Tudor – The Chalk Man and The Taking of Annie Thorne | Review

You win, C. J. Tudor. For the first time in a while, I have had to put the book down, because it is creeping me out too much. In fact I could only put it down for ten minutes, because it would be worse not finishing, and not knowing whether the monsters in these stories are still able to get me.

Honestly, I offer that truth as a huge compliment to her. I was completely sucked into the worlds Tudor has created and fully invested in the characters. Her writing is excellent in the way your imagination gets a really good exercise without the need for fancifying the structure of the story. Anyone would be able to enjoy these books. Provided their idea of enjoyment is to be terrified, of course. And if you love cynical, sarcastic, lone-wolf protagonists then I have no doubts you’ll be falling in love with these guys. Tudor’s humour fills the plot where horror can typically become a little blank and boring, giving the reader a wholly thrilling experience.

When I first heard about Tudor, I was told she would likely be the next Stephen King. To be honest I hear this comment thrown about quite a lot and tend to pay it no mind anymore! Although, after having read these two, I’d be happy to back Tudor’s corner in this one. One of the first things I want to do after isolation ends is purchase her third novel, The Other People. I don’t want to miss anything from this author, so I’m sure you’ll all be hearing from me about her again soon.

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