Lockdown was eased.

Lockdown was eased… I think. Nobody appears to be too clear on the exact rules. I didn’t think I would make it out to be honest. In the couple of weeks prior to 4th July I was thinking I couldn’t face it. That it would be rigid and uncomfortable and I couldn’t face it. But at the last minute I knew I would have to because I was regressing into someone I had been a long time ago and I wouldn’t like to be that person again. As soon as we made the decision to take our freedom, I felt myself come up to the surface. Like I fitted into my skin once more. Two friends and I went gallivanting around London in the late hours. At one am we were seated outside Buckingham Palace talking about how beautiful the city is. I thought about every city I miss, including the ones I can only anticipate missing when I eventually get around to visiting them.

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