Making a pressed flower frame.

  1. Place some baking parchment on the page of a book, and lay the flowers you want to press face down onto it. You can also place the flowers straight into the book without the parchment. This just helps ensure the flowers dry out.
  2. Close the flowers into the book and leave the book under some weight, to keep it firmly closed. Stacking more books on top is probably the easiest method. I left these ones under a box!
  3. You need to wait at least two weeks before the flowers are ready. It’s important that they are completely dried out.
  4. Afterwards your flowers will be ready to use for whatever you’d like. They don’t always turn out as you’d expect so it’s quite exciting to see them. They will also be delicate and finicky so take care with them. Otherwise they can tear.
  5. I placed mine in a glass frame. Most home stores have something like these you could use. I just cleaned the glass and then arranged the flowers in a way I like, closed the frame and checked again I was happy with how it all looked. (The frame I bought doesn’t quite close all the way down on the flowers. As some of the smaller petals would fall when I stood up the frame, I actually ended up sticking them to the glass with a little glue!

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