A Quick Update | What I have been up to recently

At the weekend I was humbled by a friend who told me my life was going well for me. Not that I ever take it for granted – the beautiful city I’m in, my never ending narrative of exploring, being able to create – I’m very aware of my blessings. But to hear it from someone else hits a little differently. I don’t spend a lot of time thinking how I might look to other people. Sometimes I don’t feel as though I get too much time to think at all; I spend a lot of time mentally ‘running’. Always trying to move forward with things because life’s a bit too all-consuming when you stop to look it in the face.

Anyway. I’ve been missing my blog while I’ve been playing tourist in the city, and while I was feeling thankful, I thought it appropriate to record some of the cool things I’ve been doing.

Camden market

I’ve visited Camden about five times in the last three weeks. While I never expected I could love such a busy place, the atmosphere of Camden is like no other. A one time visit is simply not enough. Once you’ve been a few times, you can adjust to the buzz and focus on the place, rather than just being swept up in a crowd. I’m struggling to find the words to exactly pinpoint Camden’s charm. There’s definitely a distinct style there.


Long term readers of this blog have probably heard enough of Brighton and me. Usually I visit twice a year, but it was looking a bit like this year it may not happen. I was very happy to spend a few hours there and visit some old friends. One turned to me and said, ‘I’ve never seen someone so happy just from being in a particular place”. To be honest I can’t believe he doesn’t wake up singing ‘oh wow I’m in Brighton!’ every morning. It was a day that was just effortlessly enjoyable. I was so happy to see old friends.


Although I am always saying I want to take more photographs, realistically I do take a lot! I’ve been very happy with a few of the shots I’ve taken recently. As I mentioned, I’m very lucky to be able to explore all over the city, and photography feels essential to journaling my experiences.


Unleash me to the bookshops and this happens… Oh my, had I missed books. During lockdown I had grown quite the list of books I must get my hands on. While I was in Hampstead Heath the other week I visited Daunt Books which is a beautiful, independent bookshop. I’ve been a couple of times and the staff are really friendly. I won’t go into much detail now as I would like to make a separate post about the new books I’ve accumulated ~ but here’s a preview:


FINALLY, I am attributing most of my ‘being busy’ to the fact I have been preparing to move flats next week. I’ve been slowly packing up my books, and art, and anything I don’t essentially need day to day. Soon it will be time to pack up everything else and ship myself further into the city. It’s been very exciting waiting for the day to come. However, I’m not great at organising myself. Packing has probably taken ten times longer than it needed to. Put my head to it and I could probably have had it done in a day! Nevertheless, it’s there waiting to go. Onto the next adventure.

I’m looking forward to a new space; new places to introduce myself to.

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