The best things about journaling.

I view my blog as a public journal; partly created to keepsake my own memories, but only the ones I think are worth sharing too. Actually I find more and more that I don’t enjoy writing on a computer very much. I prefer the feel of a notebook between my hands and the sound of the pen scratching into the paper. Even when I write stories I tend to have them in notebooks first, before typing them up to edit. It’s easier for me to write things down than type them up. There’s also a notebook where I journal about things I don’t want to say aloud. I only started it a couple of months ago, and on average I am contributing to it every couple of weeks, so I have barely scratched the surface of filling it. Even so, I am already finding how cyclical and multi-faceted my life is. Every time I write a new entry I feel like I’m contradicting my last; one moment I’m happy and one moment I’m sad. I imagine when the journal is full it will show a story similar to the age lines you find in the trunks of trees. Reading back is like going through the seasons, each emotion taking a turn. I like that when I turn a page it rustles like a leaf. Some are the gold of autumn and some are the fresh green of spring. When I write there I have the sense of lying solitary in the forest. A lone wolf drifting with the scent of small, white flowers. And a taste, sweet like pear, on my tongue. In a funny way I suppose my notebook used to be a tree itself. If it’s the case that we will be reincarnated, I hope when I die I will come back as a tree, so someone can take my body and use it to write their own stories.

A very happy Friday to everyone. Have you all got fun Halloween plans lined up? I’m still deciding what horror film I should watch ~ if anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly accepted. My flat mates have been carving pumpkins and they have left me the insides to make a curry with, so all I know is that whatever I end up watching it will be accompanied with something tasty.

Stay safe and have a happy Halloween!

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