About me

  • Hannah Maggie
  • 24
  • Living in Wandsworth, London
  • Drinks a lot of coffee
  • ^ more than you’re currently imagining
  • Falls in love too easily
  • Talks to the plants
  • Volume of singing outweighs talent of singing
  • Books are the great love of her life
  • Writes poetry like nobody is reading
  • Believes cake could quite possibly be the meaning of life
  • Has the greatest friends to ever exist
  • Lets red wine get her into trouble
  • Always comes home with a story to tell
  • Friday 13th should always be celebrated with a horror film
  • The hunt for perfect shoes never ends
  • Peaches are the best fruit
  • The perfect weekend is inside an art gallery
  • Aspires to be as fabulous as Miranda Priestly
  • Nothing better than giving someone good advice
  • Makes many mistakes
  • …is only human after all

4 thoughts on “About me

      1. Hmm, philosophy is so multi-faceted it would be difficult to give a recommendation without knowing more about your interests. My favourite introductory philosophy book is ‘The Story of Philosophy’ by Bryan Magee. If you get the Dorling Kindersley version it’s beautifully put together and illustrated. One of my favourite books of all time πŸ™‚


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