The June Chapter

This morning, as I began to think about what I would write for this chapter, I realised I can't remember doing much in June at all. It's not necessarily been one way or the other. I've been enjoying living in the moment and accepting what comes. The two hot topics of course, are the hot [...]

The May Chapter

The May Chapter

May has seen me do a little travelling for the first time this year. Firstly I went to Brighton - a trusty favourite of mine. The weather held beautifully. Actually, a lot more beautifully, as we expected thunderstorms and I had only packed light for the one night. Just a pair of jeans that kept me sweltering. [...]

The April Chapter

During April, I seemed to develop a rather full-on social life somehow! It's been lots of fun and refreshing to be out enjoying the varying sun and also the chills of midnight. Although overall, April has gone by in a flash, there have been so many nights spent partying instead of sleeping, it feels as [...]