A Haiku

We're oceans apart. Between us waves are breaking, And so is my heart. I wrote a version of this poem in a notebook two years ago, completely forgetting about it until I fell upon the same notebook a few weeks ago. When I saw it I was pleasantly surprised. I realised I could change the [...]



All I can think about at the moment is fictional worlds, which is also making it difficult to focus on blog posts. So compromise, let's have a writing update! At the end of last year I finished one story and have begun an editing process with it. If I thought getting the initial plot down [...]

How to Keep Writing

Being a writer is often romanticised to mean constant cups of coffee, a gentle and inspiring soul, surrounded by books, a freelance schedule, a casual style. But one thing it is not romanticised to be is writing. Hours hunched over words. The work is hard and long and rarely thought of when holding it's final product. [...]