A fresh start.

A fresh start.

We were sat all together on a round table, anticipating the release of the party poppers in our mits, and glasses at the ready. When the countdown begun I savoured every second of saying goodbye 2018. Two words that still put a smile on my face now. And as the calendar rolled over on to [...]


I've had a rush of writing inspiration the last few days, hence updating my writing progress a tad late. As I went to stop writing one piece on Sunday to work on my blog, I second guessed myself and continued writing what I was really excited about. Writing that paragraph has made me realise how [...]

Choose Kindness

Kindness will sometimes be difficult to give. It is a process of learning, to force your mind to stop when it urges for you to collapse into rage or hurt or panic - how to choose kindness. When I am asked, I must honestly answer that I can be kind because I know how it [...]