Things to Fall in Love with

A list. For when I need a reminder that falling in love isn't reserved for relationships. Walking through a foreign town where no one knows your nameFinding shops full of beautiful clutterArt and books and photosThe memories they replay for usCoffee anytime of the dayLoving your friends, forgiving your foes, and complimenting strangers Telling family [...]


A couple of weeks ago I had another one of those moments where I stumble across something really beautiful and worth sharing unexpectedly. You may be remember me talking about A Silent Voice only recently. Well, as I went to find that film I came across this: Erased. Erased is about a man who can change the past. [...]

Bookshops and Coffee

This month we had Valentines, so I was inspired to talk about two of my favourite loves. As you can tell from the title, it's Bookshops and Coffee. Coincidently, both go together well too! A love of coffee is difficult to explain. When I hear people say 'nobody really likes it, they just get used [...]

The Three Meetings

The Three Meetings

One of my habits, not necessarily good or bad, is to watch my favourite TV shows repeatedly instead of finding new ones. Despite them being constant favourites, I don't remember quite every little detail: Sometimes a faded scene will pop up and surprise me, most of the time reminding me why I loved the show [...]