A couple of weeks ago I had another one of those moments where I stumble across something really beautiful and worth sharing unexpectedly. You may be remember me talking about A Silent Voice only recently. Well, as I went to find that film I came across this: Erased. Erased is about a man who can change the past. [...]

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a beautiful anime film I discovered on Netflix. Without thinking too much into it, I watched it on a chilled Friday night. And fell in love. Plot: Haunted by his actions, a boy tries to make things right with a girl he bullied in school. A story of learning to value [...]

Hello, my Twenties!

I only have one reason for being so MIA through April. Once again, I have become truly and emotionally invested in a TV series. This time it was K-drama 'Hello My Twenties!' or 'Age of Youth'. The story is set in a share house, where five students live together. At first, it seems that the [...]

The Three Meetings

The Three Meetings

One of my habits, not necessarily good or bad, is to watch my favourite TV shows repeatedly instead of finding new ones. Despite them being constant favourites, I don't remember quite every little detail: Sometimes a faded scene will pop up and surprise me, most of the time reminding me why I loved the show [...]