The Coffee Pot.

The Coffee Pot.

Another old note. Isn't it strange how past pieces of writing can transport you back to memories you would otherwise forget? I can remember exactly where and what my thought process was when this idea began to blossom. Even though I don't necessarily feel the same way now, it's nice to have something raw from [...]

A Haiku

We're oceans apart. Between us waves are breaking, And so is my heart. I wrote a version of this poem in a notebook two years ago, completely forgetting about it until I fell upon the same notebook a few weeks ago. When I saw it I was pleasantly surprised. I realised I could change the [...]

Bloom | Poem

Bloom A soil buried deep in my lungs Timelessly blooms flowers. They're beautiful, but grow Suffocatingly. If I could plant myself in my own shoes, I'd walk through their splendor Instead. I saw a much better drawing of flowers growing from lungs a while ago, and I remember being captivated by the idea that something [...]