A Literary Christmas

A Literary Christmas

'A Literary Christmas' is an anthology by the British Library, published in 2013. While I realise this is a book I could potentially be the last person to know about, I really thought it was worth sharing if you're still looking for a nice bookish gift. A few weeks ago I mooched around the bookshop [...]


A couple of weeks ago I had another one of those moments where I stumble across something really beautiful and worth sharing unexpectedly. You may be remember me talking about A Silent Voice only recently. Well, as I went to find that film I came across this: Erased. Erased is about a man who can change the past. [...]

A Silent Voice

A Silent Voice is a beautiful anime film I discovered on Netflix. Without thinking too much into it, I watched it on a chilled Friday night. And fell in love. Plot: Haunted by his actions, a boy tries to make things right with a girl he bullied in school. A story of learning to value [...]