Today I've been drawing for a video. If I didn't before, I certainly have a huge appreciation for animators now. I hope the video works out to be something I'm happy to share. The video will be one of my fiction/poetry videos, all being well, so mostly I have just been writing along those lines [...]

My YouTube Channel

My YouTube Channel

Since the age of twelve I've had a huge passion for the internet and it's content creators. I'm not sure why I'd never thought about contributing my own content until the age of eighteen. Perhaps it's because the internet has introduced me to some of my biggest inspirations and I could never imagine being in [...]

The Coffee Pot

Sometimes I get an essence of a poem without any words. The first lines of this poem, 'The Coffee Pot', sat in my drafts for a while. I was unable to decide how to finish them, convinced it was about a happy romance. After going through a break up a couple of months ago I [...]