Bloom | Poem

Bloom A soil buried deep in my lungs Timelessly blooms flowers. They're beautiful, but grow Suffocatingly. If I could plant myself in my own shoes, I'd walk through their splendor Instead. I saw a much better drawing of flowers growing from lungs a while ago, and I remember being captivated by the idea that something [...]


Fear fascinates me. But more so, the fascination with fear fascinates me. I have always loved horror stories and the idea of the unknown, and people will often ask me why. Well, I have no answer to that question yet. I don't know why I willingly seek out to be scared. However, I have been [...]

The June Chapter

This morning, as I began to think about what I would write for this chapter, I realised I can't remember doing much in June at all. It's not necessarily been one way or the other. I've been enjoying living in the moment and accepting what comes. The two hot topics of course, are the hot [...]