C. J. Tudor – The Chalk Man and The Taking of Annie Thorne | Review

C. J. Tudor – The Chalk Man and The Taking of Annie Thorne | Review

You win, C. J. Tudor. For the first time in a while, I have had to put the book down, because it is creeping me out too much. In fact I could only put it down for ten minutes, because it would be worse not finishing, and not knowing whether the monsters in these stories [...]

What ‘Before the Coffee Gets Cold’ has taught me about writing.

What ‘Before the Coffee Gets Cold’ has taught me about writing.

Wow. Even after hearing so many positive reviews for ‘Before the Coffee Gets Cold’ it still managed to excel my expectations. I absolutely loved it. To the point I am already thinking it could be one of my favourites this year (a bold statement for being only three months in!). I knew when I bought [...]

Things to Fall in Love with

A list. For when I need a reminder that falling in love isn't reserved for relationships. Walking through a foreign town where no one knows your nameFinding shops full of beautiful clutterArt and books and photosThe memories they replay for usCoffee anytime of the dayLoving your friends, forgiving your foes, and complimenting strangers Telling family [...]


I've had a rush of writing inspiration the last few days, hence updating my writing progress a tad late. As I went to stop writing one piece on Sunday to work on my blog, I second guessed myself and continued writing what I was really excited about. Writing that paragraph has made me realise how [...]

How to Keep Writing

Being a writer is often romanticised to mean constant cups of coffee, a gentle and inspiring soul, surrounded by books, a freelance schedule, a casual style. But one thing it is not romanticised to be is writing. Hours hunched over words. The work is hard and long and rarely thought of when holding it's final product. [...]

Bookshops and Coffee

This month we had Valentines, so I was inspired to talk about two of my favourite loves. As you can tell from the title, it's Bookshops and Coffee. Coincidently, both go together well too! A love of coffee is difficult to explain. When I hear people say 'nobody really likes it, they just get used [...]