Frameless Exhibit | Marble Arch

It started with ‘hey, we’ve not been to an exhibit in a while‘ and 24 hours later we were descending mirror-walled escalators to the Frameless exhibit in Marble Arch.

The Frameless exhibit, compromised of art by renowned artists such as Van Gogh and Monet, converts traditional art into digital, animated recreations that are projected onto the walls of the gallery. Movement is a key feature; you are not simply viewing art as you would, at home, on your laptop or phone. Viewers are encouraged to interact with the art with more sense than just the eyes. Particularly the use of sound and touch becomes ever more important and offers a vivid interpretation of the feelings the painter intended to express through their art. If you also know the feeling of viewing a piece of art and thinking I don’t get it or it’s weird or something similar along these lines, I’m confident these worries will not factor into the impressiveness of this exhibit. Each of the four exhibit rooms offers a different form of interacting with the art and the two hours we spent there were fun without flailing.

Exhibits are one of the best places to people watch; while I do not want to give too much away about the details of the exhibit itself, on the night I had this to write in my notes:

How nice would it be, if we could walk through life this same way, believing each little step is a step through a beautiful big picture. Every increment it’s own piece of magic. I cannot read minds, but I can hear laughter and watch smiles appear on faces, as people come together to share something exciting. These are the encapsulating moments that make everything else seem like it doesn’t matter.

Lastly, I would like to include that the staff were all particularly lovely and welcoming, and further elevated the good experience. I have been recommending Frameless for a different kind of Saturday night out; relaxed and full of wonder. Well worth the entrance fee (£25). The perfect place for a friends night or a date night. Highly recommend a hundred times over.

(A delayed post from my visit on Saturday 8th October 2022)

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